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NJOnlineGambling.com Plans to Launch Bitcoin-Funded Platform

NJOnlineGambling.com, a popular online gambling news site, is preparing to launch a new bitcoin-funded gambling platform.

The new platform will allow players to deposit and withdraw funds using bitcoin, as well as play a variety of casino games.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our players this new payment option,” said NJOnlineGambling.com spokesperson John Smith. “Bitcoin is growing in popularity, and we believe it will be a big hit with our audience.”

The platform is expected to launch in the next few weeks. In the meantime, players can visit NJOnlineGambling.com for more information.

Nevada Considers Allowing Online Gambling in Order to Fund School Programs

The state of Nevada is considering a new bill that would allow online gambling in order to fund school programs. If the bill is approved, it would be the first state in the US to allow regulated online gambling.

Supporters of the bill say that it would be a great way to generate revenue for schools. They argue that it would be a more responsible way to fund school programs than through taxes.

Critics of the bill say that it could lead to more gambling addiction problems in the state. They also argue that the money generated from online gambling would not be enough to fund school programs.

The bill is currently under consideration by the Nevada legislature.

PokerStars looking for a way to fund their site with Bitcoin

Bitcoin has had a rough ride the past few weeks. The price of a single Bitcoin has plunged from almost $20,000 in December to around $6,400 on February 6th. This volatility is not what interests PokerStars, the online poker giant that was recently acquired by Amaya for $4.9 billion.

In an interview with CalvinAyre.com at the recent ASEAN Gaming Summit in Manila, Stars Group CEO Rafi Ashkenazi said that the company was looking into Bitcoin as a funding mechanism for its site.

“We are definitely looking into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a funding mechanism for the company and our customers in the future, but we have not made any decisions yet,” said Ashkenazi.

The appeal of Bitcoin to PokerStars is obvious. The cryptocurrency is borderless and can be used in any country without restrictions or government interference. This would allow PokerStars to operate in countries where online gambling is illegal, such as the United States.

Another benefit of using Bitcoin is that it is much faster and less expensive than traditional payment methods like credit cards and wire transfers. Transactions through Bitcoin are processed within minutes, whereas credit card transactions can take several days to clear. Fees for Bitcoin transactions are a fraction of those charged by credit card companies.

There are some potential drawbacks to using Bitcoin as a funding mechanism for online gambling sites. The recent price plunge has shown that Bitcoin is highly volatile and can be subject to sharp price swings. This could lead to large losses for sites that use it as a funding source.

Another issue is that Bitcoin is not yet widely accepted as a payment method. There are only a handful of online casinos that currently accept it as a payment method. This could limit PokerStars’ ability to transact with players who do not own Bitcoins.

Dutch Betting Firm Sportech Wins Approval To Accept Bitcoin For Gambling Purposes

This week, the Dutch betting firm Sportech announced that it had won approval from the Netherlands Gaming Authority to accept Bitcoin for gambling purposes. This makes Sportech the first online betting company in Europe to do so.

The move is a shrewd one on Sportech’s part, as it will allow the company to tap into the growing market of Bitcoin users. At the same time, it could help to legitimize Bitcoin as a currency and encourage wider adoption.

“Sportech is pleased to have been granted approval by the Netherlands Gaming Authority to offer our customers the ability to use Bitcoin for their wagers,” said Sportech CEO Niel Mackintosh in a statement. “This innovative step underscores our commitment to providing our customers with leading edge products and services that meet their ever-changing needs.”

It’s unclear at this point exactly how Sportech will implement Bitcoin payments into its system. However, it’s likely that the company will partner with a third-party Bitcoin payment provider in order to process transactions.

Bitcoin has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, as more and more people have begun to see it as an alternative way to store and spend value. This is largely due to its unique features: like gold, Bitcoin is scarce and cannot be created out of thin air. And, like cash, it can be used anonymously without having to go through a bank or other financial institution.

This has made Bitcoin popular with libertarian-minded people as well as those who distrust traditional banking systems. Additionally, because Bitcoin payments are processed through blockchain technology, they are much faster and cheaper than traditional payments methods.

Malta Gets Its First Licensed Bitcoin Casino

The Mediterranean island nation of Malta has just licensed its first Bitcoin casino. The new casino, named BitCasino.io, plans to offer a wide range of games and betting opportunities that will be payable in Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Malta has been on the forefront of regulating and legalizing various aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. In July, the government passed three bills that created a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The new legislation provides a number of benefits for businesses operating in the cryptocurrency space. For example, it allows companies to issue their own cryptocurrencies and operate gaming sites. It also exempts these businesses from corporate income tax for the first five years of operation.

Malta’s embrace of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is a smart move that should help to attract more businesses to the island nation. The government’s pro-business attitude and strong regulatory framework provide a fertile environment for growth in the cryptocurrency sector.

BitCasino.io is one of the first businesses to take advantage of Malta’s new regulations. The company is already well-established in Europe, with operations in 16 countries. With Malta’s backing, it plans to expand its operations into new markets around the world.

BitCasino.io offers a wide range of games, including blackjack, roulette, poker, and sports betting. It also offers a number of unique games that can only be played at Bitcoin casinos. These games include Bit Wheel, Minesweeper BTC, and Satoshi Blackjack amongst others.

In addition to its online casino offerings, BitCasino.io also operates a BitCoin poker room that offers cash games and tournaments. Players can use Bitcoin or any other supported cryptocurrency to play poker at BitCasino.io.

With its new license from Malta, BitCasino.io plans to become the world’s premier destination for Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts everywhere.